You're booked in, now what?

Here are a few tips and tricks I share with clients as they begin to prep for their session with me!

  1. Feeling nervous is totally normal, but this experience is meant to be fun and relaxing, so do whatever you love to help you come in more relaxed and open minded. Whether you go for a massage the day before or have a special music playlist you want to listen to during your shoot, I'm here to do what I can for you!
  2. Drink lots of water before your session, not only does your body need water, but it's great for giving the skin a good healthy feeling and glow, and some poses are quite bendy so this encourages your flexibility!
  3. Lotion! Since Calgary is such a dry place I would recommend increasing your lotion time, or at least bring a small bottle with you for your shoot! I get super dry knees and feet so there is no judgement at all.
  4. Speaking of poses, I know this is one of the most nerve wracking things to think of but don't sweat it! I will take care of 100% of the posing, from facial expressions, to where your hands are placed and even the point of your toes! This part becomes effortless for you, so hopefully you already feel a bit more at ease.
  5. Outfits! Bring in any outfits you love. I do recommend bringing 3-4 options to choose from. This doesn't have to be lingerie, it can be t-shirts, cardigans, bralettes, jeans. Whatever outfits you love can create magic with. I do love body suits though! bralettes, and bring a variety of bottoms. I do not shoot Corsets, babydolls or props (pearl necklaces, jerseys, etc.) Bondage items are allowed and other random things as long as they have significant value or purpose to the shoot. I am here for you, not here to shoot you in a boyfriends favourite hockey team jersey (no offence). I also offer a full client wardrobe so- if you don't have anything at all, don't sweat it, I have you covered!
  6. Products- if you haven't already decided what you want it's all good. I have samples of everything in studio to show you so when you make your choice you feel confident it what you have picked for yourself. I do love having albums customized to each client though so maybe start thinking if there is something specific you would like on your album cover or inner vellum page. This does not have to be something simple like your initials, you can do an image graphic, your favourite song lyrics etc.
  7. Adding onto products-payment options just a friendly reminder we have many flexible options for you when it comes to purchasing your product(s). From the obvious upfront (we accept any form of payment), in-house payment plans of 3 & 6 months to our awesome 0% financing for 12 or 18 month terms. If financing is the route you would like to go, let me know and we can do your pre-approval beforehand.

Hopefully this gives you good insight on how to prep! If you think I missed anything let me know!

Calgary + Vancouver Boudoir Studio Riana Lisbeth

hands on lips, light fair skin with tattoos all over
fine art nude woman with tattoos
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