Wow. How can I even begin? Was a nuts for thinking I could possibly teach or even offer anything at a boudoir photography workshop? Hell yeah I was. I was also brave and inspired though. Humbled to think I could share something that could enlighten, encourage and recharge so many beautiful minds I would meet for one full day. From the other speakers- my fucking faves Brina Lynn & Ashley Jackson who I adore so much, to the hot as helllllll and oh so talented models we had, which brings me to our wonderful, truly truly wonderful attendees for whom I am so grateful for. They put so much trust and energy (not to mention hard earned dollars) into us, and in the end I hope everyone went home feeling inspired, learning at least one thing from each other us and a hunger to create and to continue learning.

Thank you everyone.

Here are images I took during my class I taught and then fun free creative shooting.

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Heart & The Heat 2.0 May 2020

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