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let's emphasize our unwavering commitment to your privacy and the confidentiality of your photos.

At riana lisbeth studios, we understand the sensitive and intimate nature of Boudoir Sessions. It's essential to us that you feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire process, from the initial consultation to the final product. That's why we have implemented strict privacy measures to ensure your peace of mind.

Our Privacy Policy:

  1. Your Consent Matters: Before we begin the Boudoir Session, we will have a candid conversation to discuss your comfort level and boundaries. We will only proceed with poses and styles that you feel entirely at ease with. Your written and signed permission will always be sought before (in initial contract) capturing any images. Then again after when you see them and can make a well informed and confident decision.
  2. Strict Confidentiality: We take pride in maintaining the utmost confidentiality of your photos. Your images will never be shared, displayed, or used for any purpose without your explicit consent. Our team members, including photographers and assistants, are bound by strict confidentiality agreements to protect your privacy.
  3. Limited Access: Your images will be stored securely on encrypted and password-protected devices to prevent any unauthorized access. Only myself directly am involved in the editing process, will have access to the photographs.
  4. Secure Viewing: If you choose to view your images in person at our studio, we ensure a private and secure viewing area, where you can comfortably decide which photos you'd like to include in your final collection. When receiving your online gallery they are all password and pin protected to your specific email as well.
  5. Control Over Your Images: We believe that you should have complete control over your photos. Once your Boudoir Session is complete, we will present you with a curated selection of images. You can decide which ones you would like to keep, share, or if you prefer, keep entirely to yourself.
  6. Retention Policy: Your images will be stored for a limited period, as agreed upon in the consent form. After that time, we will securely dispose of any files unless you request otherwise.

Our priority is to create a supportive and empowering environment for every client who steps into our studio.

We cherish the trust you place in us and want you to know that we take it seriously.